Restaurant Café Platýz

Restaurant Café Platýz can be found in historical atrium (palace Platýz) in the center of Prague on Národní třída. It was opened in 2002 and twelve years after the restaurant was significantly renovated by architect Jan Vlček.

Visit us and taste our kitchen's specialities made by chef Václav Fučík and his team or delicious coffee Reserva, homemade cakes, Moravian and foreign wines of high quality and refreshing beer from Svijany.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Weekly lunch menu

Savoy schnitzel

with butter potato puree and onion, served with cucumber salad

169 Kč

Roast beef on dill sauce

with egg /or two eggs, served with boiled potatoes or homemade dumplings

165 Kč

Chicken kung pao

with jasmine rice

159 Kč

Baked pasta with bacon

, eggs and gherkin

155 Kč

Grilled camembert cheese

with cranberries sauce, mix lettuce salad and butter baguette

150 Kč

Potato dumplings with poppy seeds

, sugar and butter

45 Kč

Homemade lemonade

29 Kč

Food menu

Main Courses

Wiener veal schnitzel

with light potato salad

295 Kč

Roasted salmon skewers

with zucchini, salad, coriander dip and fresh pastry

229 Kč

Rabbit baked on butter and root vegetables

served with homemade potato semolina gnocchi

229 Kč

Grilled prawns served on saffron risoto

with parmesan cheese and rucola

259 Kč

Beef goulash

served with sunny side-up egg and fresh pastry

215 Kč

Slowly roasted pork neck

with kohlrabi zucchini cabbage and onion, served with homemade potato dumplings

235 Kč

Marinated chicken steak

in yoghurt and herbs, served with baby potatoes and grilled cherry tomatoes

219 Kč